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Call of Duty 2019 is Modern Warfare 4

Every year, fans of Call of Duty usually wait until March, April, or May to learn about the next title in the Call of Duty franchise. In April, it’s a time when Activision ramps up the hype train for the […]


Infinity Ward Hints Modern Warfare 4 in 2016

Infinity Ward have tweeted that 2016 will be “incredible” in the first of a number of tweets wishing everyone a good new year. Infinity Ward most recently developed Call of Duty: Ghosts, which was not well received by the legion […]


Modern Warfare 4 may be real after all

It has been 9 months since the first leaks of MW4. The steam picked up in March with a teaser trailer of MW4. Then more hints come our way. Originally posted on Playst4tion, a new employee of Sledgehammer Games posted […]


Modern Warfare 4 may still be in development

Call of Duty: Ghosts has been confirmed in a teaser trailer. [CODNet article] At the Xbox Reveal in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft revealed Xbox One. By the end of that one hour presentation, Activision revealed first Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay. […]


Call of Duty Ghosts Cover & Listing Leaked by Tesco and Target

 Confirmed: retailers are rubbish at keeping secrets CHECK OUT HTTP://CALLOFDUTY-GHOSTS.COM FOR MORE INFO AND TO KEEP UP TO DATE. Tesco has posted up an image of the box art for this year’s new Call Of Duty, confirming Infinity Ward as […]


MW4 is Call of Duty Ghosts?

We were told to wait for first concrete information about the next title in the Call of Duty series. [MW4Blog article] However, there seems to be more leaks. Target, a well-known retailer listed Call of Duty Ghosts on their ad. […]


Should we expect the next Call of Duty at the Xbox 720 reveal?

  It doesn’t take a genius to realize Microsoft’s expected next-Xbox event would be the perfect stage for Activision to announce the next installment of its popular first-person shooter franchise. Over the past few years the Xbox 360 has made […]


First Modern Warfare 4 details ‘coming soon’

Activision has already confirmed that a new Call of Duty title is in the works. [MW4Blog article] Activision’s Community Manager Dan Amrich (A.K.A. One Of Swords) offered up information regarding the next entry in the Modern Warfare series. Mr. Amrich […]


Does the Future of Call of Duty Look Like This? Activision Unveils Next-Gen Character Rendering

During a recent presentation at this year’s Game Developers Conference, Activision technical director Jorge Jimenez took the stage to unveil and demonstrate the company’s “Next-Generation Character Rendering” technology which, while unlikely to be seen in a Call of Duty near […]


Is this the Modern Warfare 4 Teaser?

GDC (Game Developers Conference) is on-going as I type, and there seems to be a lot of speculation, and buzz towards Battlefield 4. It’s possible that Activision is waiting for the right time to reveal the next entry in the […]