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Call of Duty Ghosts Cover & Listing Leaked by Tesco and Target

Confirmed: retailers are rubbish at keeping secrets


Tesco has posted up an image of the box art for this year’s new Call Of Duty, confirming Infinity Ward as the developer and implying it’s part of the Modern Warfare series.

Two different retailers have both managed to leak information on a new game called Call Of Duty: Ghosts. Tesco put up the box art below, before quickly removing it, while American chain Target accidentally ran the advert above before it was supposed to.

The leaks are surprisingly informative, with the box art revealing that Infinity Ward are the developer. The name and artwork also strongly suggests that the game is part of the Modern Warfare series, and seems to confirm earlier rumours about the game staring the enigmatic Ghost – before his death during the events of Modern Warfare 2.

Meanwhile, the Target advert actually provides a release date, of November 5. That’s exactly the sort of date Call Of Duty is usually released, and although Tesco lists the date as December 30 that’s pretty obviously a placeholder.

Also interesting is that both retailers only list the game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. That’s probably only because the next gen Xbox hasn’t been unveiled yet, although there is also a small chance that the next gen versions will be a different game – or released significantly later than the current gen versions.

Activision has made no official announcement about this year’s Call Of Duty, although they generally do so in April or May. The last time there was a major leak, for Modern Warfare 3, they even moved forward their unveiling plans to compensate, although we’re not sure they’d do so just for this.

Another leak, another Call Of Duty

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