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MW4 is Call of Duty Ghosts?

We were told to wait for first concrete information about the next title in the Call of Duty series. [MW4Blog article] However, there seems to be more leaks. Target, a well-known retailer listed Call of Duty Ghosts on their ad. [Source] Tesco, a UK retailer listed “Call of Duty Ghosts” on their website. This listing showed the name of the next Call of Duty title, and the working box art for the next title in the Call of Duty franchise. [Source]

I’m thinking “Why? That’s a stupid name.” I’m sitting around, thinking… then a thought came out of nowhere, “What about last time? There were leaks last time, Project Colossus was one of them.” I then did a search on my old MW3Blog website. Then there it was, an article I wrote 2 years ago. Upon reading it again, I instantly understood why the thought came to mind: Tesco Corporation did this same exact thing with MW3 before it was officially revealed. Once again, MW4 follows the Modern Warfare reveals timeline.

I don’t think the final name of the next Call of Duty title is “Ghosts.” It’s a working codename. Just like Project Colossus was. It’s in Black Ops II as a corporate entity. I think Modern Warfare 4 will be the name of the next game to compete head-to-head with Battlefield 4. It makes perfect sense.