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Should we expect the next Call of Duty at the Xbox 720 reveal?



It doesn’t take a genius to realize Microsoft’s expected next-Xbox event would be the perfect stage for Activision to announce the next installment of its popular first-person shooter franchise. Over the past few years the Xbox 360 has made itself the premiere platform for Call of Duty – mostly because of the exclusive DLC agreement between Microsoft and Activision.

So here we are, mid-April, still no next-gen Xbox and still no Call of Duty. Perhaps that’s because the two will be revealed simultaneously. Keep in mind, this is just a hunch, but it’s one that makes perfect sense.

The fact is, Microsoft needs a flagship title for its next-gen Xbox. Despite the company’s goal of becoming a “central entertainment hub,” the console will still be viewed upon by many as a gaming machine first and foremost. It sure would be a disappointment if Microsoft took the stage and there were no big titles present.

Call of Duty may be a multiplatform game, but it’s absolutely clear the Xbox 360 is home to the majority of its fanbase. A move to the next-gen Xbox is only natural, and with Sony already securing exclusive content rights to Bungie’s Destiny with the PS4, CoD is really the only title that has the star power to really drive console sales. What better way to push a system then exclusive content for one of the world’s most popular games? Sure, there are other popular upcoming games – Battlefield 4, GTA 5 to name two – but both of those have already been revealed. The next Call of Duty is the only one still shrouded in mystery.

Aside from the game’s popularity on the current Xbox, there are other reasons to expect the game’s debut during Microsoft’s event. For starters, the history of Activision’s Call of Duty reveals suggest a May unveiling is imminent. And what is rumored to occur in May? That’s right, the Xbox 720 announcement event.

Activision’s community manager Dan Amrich practically spelled it out for us in this month’s community Q&A. As Amrich pointed out, Activision began talking about Black Ops 2 in early May last year. For Modern Warfare 3, the first previews came out in late May, just a bit ahead of E3. The gist of his post was that Activision will need to announce the next Call of Duty no later than E3.

On May 21, it is expected that Microsoft will announce the Xbox 360’s successor. You see, it all falls in line. May 21 is just a few weeks before E3, the perfect time for two blockbuster reveals – the next Xbox and Call of Duty. By doing so, it will also give both companies plenty of hype heading into what is probably the biggest media event in the gaming industry.

Call of Duty and Xbox is a match made in gaming heaven. The next Call of Duty will be revealed during Microsoft’s next-Xbox reveal event; you heard it here first. Though I’m sure you probably came to this realization on your own months ago.

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