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Modern Warfare 4 may still be in development

Call of Duty: Ghosts has been confirmed in a teaser trailer. [CODNet article] At the Xbox Reveal in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft revealed Xbox One. By the end of that one hour presentation, Activision revealed first Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay. [CODNet article] Right after the event, Infinity Ward confirmed Neversoft, and Raven Software are working alongside them. [Source]

But, what about Sledgehammer Games, the developer that helped with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3? They’ve been teasing their own Call of Duty title for a while now. [MW4Blog article] They’re currently “heads down” on their next project. [Source] However, they’ve been on the hunt for a new candidate for their next project. It’s not a new IP, but rather a new Call of Duty title – Just not Call of Duty Ghosts.

Source: MP1st, via NowGamer

We truely do not know what game Sledgehammer Games is working on, but I’m still sticking to MW4 being that game based on the teasing done in the last 6 months alone. The fan teaser trailer, and the teaser trailer that was shown during GDC was good enough for me. [This one, and this one]