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Destroy Repeat 2000 Posts

DestroyRepeat reaches 2,000 posts

Hello ladies, and gentlemen, my name is Carlos Morales, I’m the person who acquired DestroyRepeat in 2015. was a website that originated as a TitanFall website. I fell in love with what DestroyRepeat was, what it represented, and how it looked. I have always been a lover of First Person Shooters. Always. So, when I saw the name “Destroy Repeat.” I looked at the name, and it clicked. As a marketing guy, I thought the name was perfect. All the owners needed was someone who knew how to take the name, and turn it into a legendary name.

I actually accomplished my dream of merging a forum with a blog with the forum as the backbone. My plans hinged on this being the case. I saw xPress, and I immediately bought it upon release. Everything was fine and dandy. However, it wasn’t always a blog, it was going back and forth being a blog, a forum.

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When I purchased DestroyRepeat, I was already holding onto a forum, it was a PlayStation Vita fansite. I also had a few databases available in my server. I merged them all together to make one forum to rule them all. Problem is, PSVitaForum had exploits in the backend. I had to clean up the database to ensure exploits wouldn’t break the site in the future. Because technically, the xenForo license held by the owner was a nulled instance. So, one of the mods knew the exploit, and was able to make himself administrator. In the process of importing the database, I was faced with a decision for how the board would be imported. Unfortunately, because of the way I was thinking, I opted for the one that would kill pagerank. But, I was also planning a blog at some point. So, I was like “meh, who cares.” It was painful at first, but I got over it and worked on a plan of action. I don’t know everything, I do make mistakes.

DestroyRepeat’s blog was originally a personal blog. It was popular from time to time. The most popular blog post was the theories around Mega Man Universe.

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I merged a few blogs into to help bring more posts, and elevate the website…

Destroy Repeat 2000 Posts

Today, we’re celebrating DestroyRepeat’s 2,000 blog posts since purchasing – However, I’m going to use this event to bring attention to DestroyRepeat’s Social Media sites, and highlight them…

Thank you for being a reader. Have a nice day!

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I've been writing about Video Games since 2001. I have become a well-known, recognizable name in the industry. I started in 2006, and has accumulated over 1 Million Users, and 4.5 Million Pageviews worldwide. I'll always be most passionate about this wonderful community.

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