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Welcome to DestroyRepeat 5.5

I’ve been working on an idea for a while now. It is time to move DestroyRepeat past this whole idea of keeping it as a forum by itself. It hasn’t been working for me for a while now. That’s on me, it’s my responsibility. It falls on my shoulders. I made this comment back in January…

Okay, so DestroyRepeat 5.0 didn’t pan out as I expected. I take full responsibility for that. When I bought PSVitaForum, my original plan was to maintain the traffic from that site, with zero changes. But I discovered a few holes the skin(s), plugins, and whatnot. I refreshed the database. What I should’ve done was maintain the content ID’s. That’s my bad, and that’s my fault. I learned from it on a different website that I acquired recently. Now that I’ve learned how to maintain the content ID’s without worrying about other factors. The original reason why I didn’t want to maintain the content ID’s is because of how it works. I thought that because it maintains the ID’s as exactly as it was, I couldn’t log in. I learned on my own that wasn’t the case. I could.

I was wrong there. It cost me the pagerank and links. I could’ve maintained the traffic from old links to new links, all I could’ve done was maintain content ID’s. Now that I learned how things works, from here on out, I will not make the same mistake again.

However, over the last 3 months, I’ve been pondering, thinking, and planning for the next year (which is right now). I have a new plan. And luck would have it my way. I’ve always wanted to integrate a forum with a blog. Xpress was revealed in 2018. At the same time, xenForo 2.1 has been in beta since September. So, as per usual, I held off on doing anything regarding DestroyRepeat until I am ready. When xenForo 2.1 is considered gold and stable, and Xpress is compatible with it, I will begin to relaunch DestroyRepeat as a blog/forum. It will be a long process, but I’m ready.

I didn’t come into this industry to fail, so failure isn’t an option. I can fail, but I can pivot, and get better. That’s always been my prerogative. But first, I will need to move the network (including DestroyRepeat) to a new server, because my e-mails keep getting dropped thanks to the spammers, and trolls. Thanks, guys. Thanks!

‘Till then… Sit tight. This is going to be a big site

– Carlos Morales, Owner of DestroyRepeat.com

I’ve been testing that XPress for a while now through a different website that I own. When I discovered it, a lightbulb went off in my head. At that point, I was thinking; “Why don’t we condense every blog I created, and acquired over the years, into one single place?” This idea is what you see today. Bear with me while I continue to make changes, and import everything from my other blogs and get everything ready for primetime.

I am not ready to call it quits with DestroyRepeat. I intended for DestroyRepeat to become the #1 place for Tech & Gaming news. I like technology, gaming, and whatnot. So, this is what we’re doing going forward. I will invest heavily into this particular site. If I have to beg for money, so be it. IGAF.

Anyhow, this is phase one of the changes that will come in the next week or months.

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