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Hello, everyone, my name is Carlos Morales. It’s time I introduced myself. I purchased on April 13, 2017. I tried restoring the database/files exactly as it was, but after many unsuccessful tries, I said to myself “Screw it, let’s make a new plan.” The original plan was to leave alone, with no changes whatsovever, and then when time has already passed, I’d move the posts from the site, to CODNet, which was another site that I’ve trying to build up.

While I was doing this, it was my plan to become a dominant player in the Call of Duty news market segment. There are a few Call of Duty-related websites that are well respected, and well-liked. Not even one year later, the biggest, the most influential Call of Duty blog was acquired. It’s as if people already know who the hell I am, and what I do.

So, as you can see, there was a roadmap. That’s not all, though, there were more issues for me: I’ve been trying to contact Activision since I purchased and launched Advanced Warfare Blog. It was the world’s first Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare blog delivering news to Call of Duty fans all around the world. I’m proud of that achievement, because normally, by the time the game is teased, leaked or announced, there’s usually fan sites already opened. It was pretty successful. The stats are…

38,703 Sessions (Visits)
34,876 Users (Unique Visits)
51,601 Pageviews

Compare that with CODNet, which attracted only…

30,269 Users
30,269 New Users
32,260 Sessions
41,755 Pageviews

…Since 2012. That means, AdvancedWarfareBlog was successful on its own. In one year, those were the numbers.

Now, I am sure that CallofDutyBlog attracted 30% more than what I am used to with CODNet, and AdvancedWarfareBlog. With, I was able to see that it attracted 1 thousand clickthroughs a week. That would mean, that each time you clickthrough, and view a page, you’d make enough money by the end of the month. That is, if you work at it.

On top of this, the website itself has garnered enough followers on Twitter, Facebook, and other Social Media websites. In fact, with tumblr, the previous owner was able to attract quite a niche. I would love to sit down with that someday, and see what I can do to retain those users. It’s practically like a second feed for the site. But starting immediately, I am redirecting this whole site to DestroyRepeat. I’ve already migrated all the posts, some images, and most of the content over to already. Please put DestroyRepeat as your bookmark. Going forward, that’s where you’ll find the site, and whatnot.

See you there!

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