CarlosX360 acquires NintendoNow

NintendoNow 2020 Acquisition By CarlosX360
NintendoNow Acquisition in 2020 by CarlosX360

Hello, everyone. My name is Carlos Morales. I’m the founder and C.E.O. at CarlosX360 Co., Ltd. I’ve been eying since before it was even a blog. NintendoNow was at one point, a popular forum with almost 20 thousand members. There is a long history with NintendoNow, but I’ve wanted the domain for a long time.

I will begin to move NintendoNow’s content into DestroyRepeat, where I mainly post content nowadays. The purpose of this acquisition is simple: To further expand my brand portfolio. The current plan is to redirect to to elevate the brand.

Now, I could keep NintendoNow as a blog, and/or forum – like going back to the roots of the site, but the issue is more on the name rather than anything else.

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