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Goodbye AWBlog

Advanced Warfare Blog is closed

Hello, readers of – I thank you all for reading the website over the last few years. will close very soon. On April 21st, I learned the final name of Call of Duty’s 2017 title is none other than Call of Duty: WWII. I’ve decided today would be the last time you see – The World’s First Advanced Warfare-focused blog in history. In 2010, when I acquired CODForums/CODNet, I wanted to reach all of you: Call of Duty Fans. And I still do. I broke milestones after milestones with all of these websites. was basically another one of my pet projects, and another one of my tests at the same time. I learned from – and over the past 4 years (the site was launched on the same exact day as the reveal of Advanced Warfare; May 1, 2014), I accumulated these numbers:

38,703 Sessions (Visits)
34,876 Users (Unique Visits)
51,601 Pageviews

Those numbers are small, but I thank every single one of you who took the time to read, and follow the site. I am humbled, and flattered that you are interested in my posts. will now be a read-only site, and will be redirected to to combine into a super blog. I have another major announcement to be made very soon after that, but for now – let this be a heads up that is closed. See you on!

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