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Retail Box Art revealed for Xbox Series S and X

Microsoft has been hyping up the Xbox Series X for almost 6 months now. Originally revealed at The Game Awards (2019) event, Xbox Series X is being touted as the most powerful console, and they have the specs to back it up with it. Microsoft revealed more specs of Xbox Series X. There was a controller leak of the Series S, which shows the same controller, but with a white matte finish, but on the box, it shows when retailers can sell it or display it: November 3rd. This morning, there was a leak of Xbox Series S, but then, Microsoft said “Okay, the leaks are out there now. Let’s just announce it.” And so, in a tweet, Microsoft announced Xbox Series S with the image of the console. Shortly thereafter, Microsoft released the trailer for Xbox Series S. The next morning, Microsoft officially announced the price and release date for Xbox Series X: It will be released November 10, 2020 (same day as Series S), and will cost $499. After another leak, Microsoft revealed the Retail Box Art for Xbox Series S and X…

Xbox Series S and X Retail Boxes

Here’s another look at the Xbox Series X Retail Box Art…

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