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2016’s Call of Duty title is Infinite Warfare

Following multiple leaks of 2016’s Call of Duty title – the question was still in the air – are these leaks real? Is 2016’s Call of Duty title really “Infinite Warfare?” Well, wonder no longer. Activision filed a trademark for Infinite Warfare in two different variations “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” and “Infinite Warfare.”

Treyarch released a Black Ops 3 hotfix update to tease players about the next iteration of Call of Duty and you can see them below…

Followed by this hotfix…

Call of Duty on Twitch has been livestreaming a loop of the video below with several quotes. The marketing slogan for this particular video is “Know Your Enemy.”

These are the quotes that will loop…

“We are the Settlement Defense Front. You answer to us.”
“Our blood boils, and so too shall your oceans.”
“Our destruction will be final. You will watch as the walls around you crumble.”
“You will know loss, and you will be left with nothing. We are in power now.”
“We are your enemy. We are the Settlement Defense Front.”
“What can you do to prevent what’s coming? Nothing.”
“Your future is obsolete. We will pour destruction like molten lava.”
“Your bones will shake. Your monuments will fall. Your world will be left in ruins.”

There are a few factions referenced in Call of Duty’s Twitch and Instagram accounts, and they are: SDF (Settlement Defense Front), and another one: UNSA. Not only that, there are many marketing fliers going around with Zakhaev’s uprising faction called “Infinity” and another one called Wave Seven. What’s even more interesting, is that Wave Seven has a logo that looks like it reads “IW7” which obviously refers to either Infinity Ward’s 7th major Call of Duty title, or the 7th IW engine.

According to an image released as a “cover” image for Google+ marketing, the codename for “Infinite Warfare” is Genesis. A while ago, there were leaks that leads to a possible title being “Call of Duty: Genesis.”

Below, you see these fliers and images…

Infinity Faction/Wave Seven

Infinity Faction
What is this faction trying to sell?

Wave Seven Recruitment

Wave Seven
Wave Seven Recruitment

Codename: Genesis

Codename Genesis
Codename: Genesis

The World Reveal is on Tuesday, see you then!