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New Fighters revealed for PlayStation Vita

Over the weekend, Capcom held their annual event centered around revealing their newest games. At Captivate 2012, Capcom showed off some trailers for the PlayStation Vita version of Street Fighter x Tekken. The first one is a story trailer about what’s going on in SFxTekken for PSVita. It’s a long introduction trailer, enjoy…

Funny trailer, eh? Capcom released another trailer, and they’re calling SFxTekken on PSVita “Street Fighter x Tekken Vita.” The trailer reveals six new characters that will join the PlayStation Vita roster, they are: Blanka, Sakura, Dudley, Elena, Lei, and Christie.

SF x Tekken features cross-platform play, what that means is that if you own both PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita versions of Street Fighter x Tekken – you can get the DLC characters for free on either version. For example, let’s say you bought DLC on PlayStation 3, according to Capcom, the DLC you bought on PS3 will appear on PlayStation Vita. And vice versa.