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MK9 or MKRebirth reveal?

The last time I wrote about Mortal Kombat it was last year – when Warner Bros. was eying the Midway Games sale. Since then, Warner Bros. purchased Midway Games in full, which means they own the intellectual properties of the massive portfolio that Midway has had for over 20 years in the arcade business. Warner Bros. renamed Midway Chicago, to Warner Bros. Games Chicago [sometimes referred to as Warner Bros. Games – I think this label will be used for other games in their current portfolio of WB games, as they’ve secured the trademark rights to “Netherrealm Studios” and have secured the domain name for the new company studio].

Well, for quite some time, Ed Boon and company has been teasing about MK9. Some leaks has been made about Mortal Kombat 9, or a Mortal Kombat movie reboot, and with E3 approaching fast next monday – the following trailer has been released and is building questions, speculation, and hype for the upcoming game, or movie. One of the biggest questions now – who did it? New Line Cinema sued Warner Bros. because New Line was developing a Mortal Kombat movie while Midway was in deep financial crisis and went into bankruptcy.

Warner Bros. has soo many things to talk about, so many to explain, and so many questions to answer come next week and into the next few years. Anyway, the trailer is below, enjoy!

What is it? Is it Mortal Kombat 9? Or is it a Mortal Kombat movie “rebirth?” Whatever it is, it’s awesome.