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Bungie documents Halo: Reach!

Its been a little while since Bungie launched the multiplayer trailer for Halo: Reach. They’ve gone an extra mile by talking about Halo Reach’s multiplayer beta which is going to drop in no less than week from now (May 3rd), and all we could do is eagerly await its launch – because once it drops, an all out war on Reach will become so wild, so chaotic that it creates a Carnage! And as such, Bungie released a VidDoc (short for Video Documentary) discussing the game’s awesomeness.

Without further rage. *AHEM* I mean, heh. Without further ado, Carnàge Carnivàle!

Which carnival are you going to attend? The clowns at Activision, or the talent at Bungie? If you’re going to the Bungie camp, don’t forget to buy Halo 3: ODST to participate in the multiplayer beta of Halo: Reach!