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What Actually HAPPENS at Level 1000 in BO3? [VIDEO]

So is the Bowie Knife really unlocked after Level 1000 in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3? Let’s find out just exactly what happens when you reach this rank legitimately. Let me know your thoughts about all of this down […]


How To Unlock BOWIE KNIFE in Black Ops 3 Multiplayer

In this video I talk about the secret bowie knife in black ops 3 multiplayer that can most likely from what has been leaked so far be unlocked at level 1000 in multiplayer, I think that this knife is really […]


Black Ops 3 Prestige Emblems

  Treyarch revealed via their twitter the Black Ops 3 prestige emblems. There are 10 levels of Prestige, but you can also earn the Prestige Master emblem to show that you really are better than everyone.


Grand Master Appreciation Day is TODAY = FREE ADVANCED SUPPLY DROPS

Today (19th October) is grand master prestige day for Advanced Warfare. If you have got to the final prestige and level then you will receive 10 advanced supply drops today. Enjoy if you are lucky enough to be at grand […]


#BO3Fridays 09/10/15 – Re-watch Live Stream & Summary of All New Information

  Revisit the first episode of the Black Ops Fridays live stream series, which featured the reveal of Black Ops 3’s ninth Specialist, Firebreak, as well as an all-new multiplayer map, Redwood. Tune in every Friday throughout October at 12pm PT/3pm […]


Zombies Prestige and Rank Emblems/Icons – Black Ops 3

This information is a few days old but we forgot to post it. The PC beta also leaked the emblems of the Zombies ranks and prestige emblems/icons. Zombies for the first time will have an XP progression system similar to multiplayer […]


Black Ops 3 ZOMBIES Details Leaked

At the moment a lot of the “Zombies” mode in Black Ops 3 is unknown. Reddit user Mage3873 has uncovered some leaks in the Black Ops 3 beta files for PC that sheds light on what Zombies will offer in […]


Black Ops 3 Prestige and Max Level Confirmed

David Vonderhaar confirmed on Twitter that there will be 10 prestiges and a max level of 55. @Riot_eF 55. 10 Prestiges. And something special that is unannounced. — David Vonderhaar (@DavidVonderhaar) August 21, 2015


Black Ops 2 Prestige Cards Added, Treyarch Says No Future Gun DLC

Treyarch has put out a new set of visual treats for players of Black Ops 2 ahead of the release of the Uprising DLC, which is set to drop on the 16th this month. You don’t need the Uprising DLC […]


Exploit in Black Ops 2 allowing some players to become Prestige 12

A new exploit in Black Ops 2 has been identified allowing users to reach prestige 12, level 55. Black Ops 2 supports for players to only level up to Prestige 10, level 55, so it comes as a surprise that […]