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Black Ops 3 ZOMBIES Details Leaked

At the moment a lot of the “Zombies” mode in Black Ops 3 is unknown.

Reddit user Mage3873 has uncovered some leaks in the Black Ops 3 beta files for PC that sheds light on what Zombies will offer in the final release in November.

Note: None of the below is confirmed by Activision or Treyarch but these have been found in the files released as part of the Black Ops 3 Beta for PC.

  • Theatre/Theater mode will again return and be available in Black Ops 3
  • There will be a story and campaign
  • There may be an option to play as a zombie!
  • The code suggests Black Ops 3 will check the easter egg progress from the previous Treyarch title, Black Ops 2
  • There will be a prestige mode and an XP progression system similar to multiplayer mode
  • Hidden theme music has been leaked of the zombies menu and Shadows of Evil