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Awakening DLC Release Confirmed for Xbox One & PC

The first Black Ops 3 DLC pack, Awakening, will finally be released on Xbox One and PC on March 3rd. Black Ops 3 was the first Call of Duty title in recent years to release the DLC on PS4 first – […]


Black Ops 3 Zero Tolerance Policy in Effect for PC

PCDev took to Twitter to let PC players know that they take a zero tolerance policy for cheaters and hackers in Black Ops 3. Apparently they have already banned 1000s. BlackOps3 PC Zero Tolerance Policy for cheats/hacks is in effect. […]


Steam Sale Until Jan 4th for All Call of Duty Titles and DLC

Steam are offering a discount for all Call of Duty titles and DLC related items as part of their Christmas sale (including Black Ops 3). This offer runs up until January 6th. Call of Duty 1 – 50% off – now […]


Black Ops 3 Patch for PC is Now LIVE – 14th November

Black Ops 3 has received a 500mb patch on the PC to fix bugs and performance related issues. BlackOps3 PC Patch is live on Steam now! It includes bug fixes and performance improvements. — pcdev (@pcdev) November 14, 2015 Source: […]


Black Ops 3 PC Version, Minimum Requirements, Size = 60GB

    Black Ops 3 will require 60 GB of hard drive space as well as having minimum specs of 6GB RAM and an i3 processor. Source: Reddit


Advanced Warfare Updates for PS4, Xbox One & PC Fixes 29/09/15

Here’s the full list of patch notes, applicable to all three platforms (PS4/Xbox One/PC) for Advanced Warfare: Game Update: 9/29/15 In Game Updates Fixed an issue where the Sentinel Operator Pants were mismarked as the Ronin Pants in the Armory. […]


DLC 4: Reckoning Out Now for PS4, PS3 and PC – Advanced Warfare

Reckoning is the fourth and final downloadable content (DLC) pack for Advanced Warfare. It was released on August 4, 2015 for Xbox Live users and was on September 3, 2015 for PlayStation and PC users. Reckoning comes with four multiplayer maps, and […]


Black Ops 3 Beta Extended Until 10pm 31st August – Xbox One + PC

Similar to the PS4, Treyarch have extended the Black Ops 3 beta until Monday Aug 31st at 10PM PT (Tuesday 6am UK time).


Ninth Specialist Leaked – Has a Flamethrower – Black Ops 3

The PC beta for Black Ops 3 has brought a lot of leaks the last few days hidden in the files. The latest involves the ninth specialist character. The character appears to have a flamethrower weapon called “Purifier” and new […]


Advanced Warfare – Double XP – Live Across all Platforms

Double XP is live across all platforms for Advanced Warfare until Monday August 31st.