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All ‘Firebreak’ Specialist Voice Lines as of the Black Ops 3 Beta [LEAK]

“This isn’t a Leak of the Specialist Firebreak, I am aware that he was leaked a long time ago and that he was just recently officially announced. This is simply a Leak of all of his Voice Lines from In-Game, […]


Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Changes as a Result of Beta Testing

David Vonderhaar tells us how what changes have made it to the final game based upon the beta testing that was carried out last month. Some players were dissatisfied that the Black Hat equipment was too powerful. We agree. Our […]


New Black Ops 3 Specialists, Weapons & Abilities Tuning Explained

David Vonderhaar has explained the changes and tunings just made for the Black Ops 3 Xbox One Beta: Here is a summary of the weapon tuning and Specialist weapon and ability tuning changes we made for the Playstation beta and just […]


Ninth Specialist Leaked – Has a Flamethrower – Black Ops 3

The PC beta for Black Ops 3 has brought a lot of leaks the last few days hidden in the files. The latest involves the ninth specialist character. The character appears to have a flamethrower weapon called “Purifier” and new […]


List of Maps Found in Black Ops 3 Beta PC Files

These map names have been uncovered in the Black Ops 3 PC Beta files. These are not confirmed and may be codenames which may change by final release. Apartments Spire Chinatown Sector Rise Ethiopia Havoc Stronghold Veiled Biodome Nuketown_x Redwood […]


Black Ops 3 ZOMBIES Details Leaked

At the moment a lot of the “Zombies” mode in Black Ops 3 is unknown. Reddit user Mage3873 has uncovered some leaks in the Black Ops 3 beta files for PC that sheds light on what Zombies will offer in […]


Problem Redeeming Your Xbox One Beta Code for Black Ops 3 – Here is a Solution

Temporary fix if you are having issues redeeming your Xbox One beta code for Black Ops 3. We're aware that some players are having trouble redeeming their XB1 BO3 beta tokens, the teams are working on this now. — Activision […]


Xbox One Black Ops 3 Beta – Important Information

Officially the Black Ops 3 Beta for Xbox One starts on August 26th. We are hoping that it will start earlier than this, the beta for the Playstation 4 started a day early. In order to have access to the […]


Level Cap Increased to Level 49 in Black Ops 3 Beta

The level cap has been increased most likely for the last time – the beta ends today at 10pm and the max level before entering prestige is 55. The #BO3Beta is open/free for all @PlayStation 4 players. Today we’re raising […]


Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Beta Will Continue Until 10PM Monday 24th August

Treyarch announced on their Twitter that they will be extending the PS4 Black Ops 3 Beta until 10pm on Monday 24th August. For those that have been asking, we agree…let’s keep the PS4 #BO3Beta rolling. We’ll end it Monday at […]