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#BO3Fridays 09/10/15 – Re-watch Live Stream & Summary of All New Information


Revisit the first episode of the Black Ops Fridays live stream series, which featured the reveal of Black Ops 3’s ninth Specialist, Firebreak, as well as an all-new multiplayer map, Redwood. Tune in every Friday throughout October at 12pm PT/3pm ET/9pm CET for more exclusive reveals, fan Q&As, and more. Complete summary can be seen below along with the timecodes for the video:

  • New map called Redwood has been announced (9:40)
  • Specialist customizations are to be “chunky”/very drastic and noticeable (18:20)
  • Specialist customizations are to be specific and unique for each specialist (19:20)
  • Specialists will level up (17:10) (20:22)
  • Specialists have some kind of deep, unlockable story. “…like Baseball cards…” (20:55)
  • 9th specialist named Firebreak (21:48) with his “Purifier” (flamethrower) (22:22) and stunning “Heat Wave” (22:50) that also takes out equipment (23:26)
  • New “Red Dot Sight” (22:10)
  • New hit markers have also been shown, with what appears to be AW-like kill markers. (22:10) (22:32)
  • The new hit markers didn’t appear when killing enemies with the Purifier. (22:16)
  • Get a look at the symbol when you have the enemy flag in CTF (22:50)
  • Firebreak is apparently intended good for objective gameplay and clearing rooms. (24:45)
  • Specialists initially designed after non-COD heroes, such as wizards and warriors, then adapted for COD. (25:37) e.g. Nomad is a Druid (can conjure nature) (26:58)
  • Tweet with #BO3Fridays to ask questions (28:30)
  • Theater confirmed (28:23), social elements improved for accessibility, overall improved for controllers (29:43).
  • Prestige level is 55 with 10 prestiges with “something particularly special after that” (31:00)
  • More to do after final prestige (31:22)
  • Raid has been mentioned a lot, but a cannot confirm, cannot deny for its return. (32:05)
  • News for “reimaginings” to come “soon”, Raid almost implied to be included. (32:22)
  • Reimagined maps are difficult because of the new movement system (32:42)
  • Nuk3town still very nuketown-y, but not exactly the same. (33:05)
  • Zombies and Single-Player are 4-player split-screen offline and 2-player split-screen online. Like BOII (33:36)
  • Changelog posted to PlayStation “…wasn’t the complete list” (36:35)
  • Spawn system has been “aggressively” worked on, with specifics from the Beta. (36:50)
  • Definitions of “spawn traps” necessary and very specific (36:50)
  • Recoil will be changed for some guns (38:40)
  • By design gun recoil should be generally “low” (39:38)
  • Expect more frequent changes for BOIII than previous blops titles. (39:26)
  • Offline bots confirmed (40:07)
  • Taunts/Gestures. (40:17) Part of specialist customization. (40:44) Can be negative or positive. (40:43) Can be activated in Top 3 players at the end of a match. (41:01) “…we have some really interesting long term plans for [taunts]”(41:31) Top player on the winning team gets special line/animation. During this, others can perform their gestures and once the top player’s taunt is done, s/he can do his/her own gestures. (41:49)
  • “Top Scorer” screen at the end of a match “rebranded” to “Winners’ Circle” (41:35)
  • Hardcore is confirmed. Like previously (42:25)
  • “…we’re not ignoring the hardcore guys.” (42:47)
  • Bonus playlist to house gamemodes like Most Pit and Ground War + overview of lists (42:35)
  • Diamond camo confirmed (43:00)
  • “Hypothetically” there’s something past diamond. (43:26)
  • These streams will happen every Friday at 12:00 PST until launch (43:48)



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