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Less than 50% of players have reached level 10 in multiplayer

A surprisingly low amount of people who have bought the most recent Call of Duty, Black Ops 3 have completed one of the first multiplayer achievements of reaching level 10 Only 47% of users who have played multiplayer have surpassed level […]


Names of all 12 Multiplayer Maps LEAK – Black Ops 3

After a copy of the game surfaced yesterday, expect a shit ton of leaks! Here are all the multiplayer map names: Aquarium Breach Combine Evac Exodus Fringe Havoc Hunted Infection Metro Redwood Stronghold


Gun Game CONFIRMED for Black Ops 3 Multiplayer

Gun Game is heading back to the Black Ops series. David Vonderhaar confirmed is interview: “The game does have Gun Game, there is some one shot stuff going on in Gun Game. But as you would expect from a Treyarch […]


Treyarch set to reveal new game mode for Black Ops 3 on Friday

Treyarch announced via their twitter that during the second #BO3Fridays live stream that they will be announcing a new game mode! What do you think it will be? New #BlackOps3 mode incoming. Tune in on Friday to the #BO3Fridays livestream for the ███ ██ […]


#BO3Fridays 09/10/15 – Re-watch Live Stream & Summary of All New Information

  Revisit the first episode of the Black Ops Fridays live stream series, which featured the reveal of Black Ops 3’s ninth Specialist, Firebreak, as well as an all-new multiplayer map, Redwood. Tune in every Friday throughout October at 12pm PT/3pm […]


Diamond Camo Confirmed for Black Ops 3 Multiplayer (Not Highest Camo)

Yesterday was the first of #BO3Fridays which is where Treyarch reveal some new details each week about the upcoming Black Ops 3. Diamond camo was confirmed at the very end of the live stream with the developers stating that there […]


Black Ops 3 Multiplayer News – Hardcore Mode and Offline Bots Confirmed

Yesterday was the first #BO3Friday which is where Treyarch reveal some new details each week about the upcoming Black Ops 3. Hardcore mode is CONFIRMED There will be the option to have BOTS for offline multiplayer.


Treyarch Reveal NEW Black Ops 3 multiplayer map ‘Redwood’

Today was the #BO3Fridays live stream and Treyarch revealed a brand new map for the Black Ops 3 multiplayer. Pictures can be seen below, more info to follow:


Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Changes as a Result of Beta Testing

David Vonderhaar tells us how what changes have made it to the final game based upon the beta testing that was carried out last month. Some players were dissatisfied that the Black Hat equipment was too powerful. We agree. Our […]


Treyarch Shares Secrets for Safeguard Success [VIDEO]

We’ve got some expert Safeguard tips for you direct from Treyarch via our handsome host Dan.