Exploit in Black Ops 2 allowing some players to become Prestige 12


A new exploit in Black Ops 2 has been identified allowing users to reach prestige 12, level 55. Black Ops 2 supports for players to only level up to Prestige 10, level 55, so it comes as a surprise that an exploit can allow you to gain a non-existent prestige.

But, Black Ops 2 could always have support for more prestiges. As of now, Treyarch has not acknowledged the problem, nor identified if or when they will fix the issue. We’re hoping that these players get banned for such action because hacking is against the Black Ops 2 Code of Conduct.

Also if you remember, a few weeks ago, we reported that Elite has place holders for prestiges 12-15 for Black Ops 2.

As always we’ll keep you posted when Treyarch says something.


Source Article from http://www.charlieintel.com/2012/12/19/exploit-in-black-ops-2-allowing-some-players-to-become-prestige-12/

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