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More MW3 Survival Mode gameplay

The last time we had some gameplay footage of Spec Ops, or Survival Mode was before CODXP, it was the Spec Ops trailer that was released. The new Survival Mode was also featured at CODXP, but there weren’t enough videos […]


More MW3 Questions Answered

We’re still awaiting the Spec Ops Survival Mode trailer. This article is a continuation of this article. But this time, Robert Bowling takes questions from the Call of Duty Twitterverse. Some of them are about Spec Ops, and some of […]


MW3 Spec Ops Trailer Coming Soon

Robert Bowling teased about Spec Ops a few weeks ago. Robert reassured his followers on Twitter that the trailer is coming soon, and according to GamerZines, Mr. Bowling has assured them that the trailer’s release is very soon. [source] How […]