More MW3 Survival Mode gameplay

Modern Warfare 3 Soldier
Modern Warfare 3 Soldier

The last time we had some gameplay footage of Spec Ops, or Survival Mode was before CODXP, it was the Spec Ops trailer that was released.

The new Survival Mode was also featured at CODXP, but there weren’t enough videos to bring information about Spec Ops’ Survival Mode. Now that the time has passed, it’s anyone’s game.

The following videos are a 2 part video taking place in Paris, a map that was featured in Multiplayer videos seen at CODXP. Enjoy!

Here’s what I see from the trailer…

You start off with a pistol
KillStreaks are replaced by words such as “Rampage” and each is incremented
Rampage nets you 500 extra points
Once you clear a wave, the game’s ticker appears, it calculates your stats against your friends’
Combat Performance are calculated by:
The time in which it’s completed
Number of waves completed so far
How many kills you’ve accumulated
Headshots are graded on how well you did
How much accuracy is gathered throughout the wave
Damage Taken is graded on how much damage you took in that particular wave
Your wave bonus is calculated as well
Once you have been given a ticker, “Hostiles Inbound” counter begins
Sometimes your awesome KillStreak isn’t worded and is actually a killstreak
Much like Rampage, KillStreaks are 500 per streak
Your equipment armory features:
Frag Grenade Refill
Flash Grenade Refill
Claymores – 30 max ($1000)
C4 x5 – 10 max ($1500)
RPG-7 x2 – 4 max ($2000)
Sentry Gun ($3000)
Sentry Grenade Launcher ($4000)
Body Armor ($2000)
Riot Shield ($3000)
The HUD lets you know that your team-mate is ready; press A (xbox 360 version) to ready up for action.

The second part is here:

Here’s what I see so far:

Your weapon armory features:
Refill Bullet Ammo ($750)
Machine Pistols
Assault Rifles
Sub Machine Guns
Light Machine Guns
Sniper Rifles (Locked at the moment; unlocked at level 90)
In the video, the player is level 21, and in wave 7.
Your air support armory features:
Predator Missile ($2000)
Air Strike ($3000)
Delta Squad
Riot Shield Squad
Perk Care Package

Modern Warfare 3 is slated to be released on November 8th, 2011. Are you ready!?