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MW3 Spec Ops Trailer Coming Soon

Robert Bowling teased about Spec Ops a few weeks ago. Robert reassured his followers on Twitter that the trailer is coming soon, and according to GamerZines, Mr. Bowling has assured them that the trailer’s release is very soon. [source] How soon is very up in the air.

Nobody knows what’s keeping Activision from releasing the Spec Ops trailer. Rob is currently in Germany taking interviews. However, on July 19th, Robert Bowling made this tweet:

If you’re anticipating the #MW3 Spec Ops Survival Mode trailer we’ve been working on, I just reviewed and sent final edits back to the team!

MW3 Spec Ops Teaser

The Twitterverse has been asking GamerZines to ask when MW3 Spec Ops trailer would be revealed. In an interview with GamerZines, Robert had this to say:

“I was just upstairs reviewing the last cut of it.”

He continued:

“It’s very soon and we’re putting the final touches on it.”

He then explained why they’re holding off showing off the trailer:

“There’s still stuff that you guys are seeing here that we’re not ready to show publicly, so we’re classifying some of that information, but as soon as it’s polished up and ready to go then it’ll be out.”

Stay tuned for more about Spec Ops! It’s very close, people!