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Microsoft to showcase Xbox Series X games soon

Microsoft has been a little open about revealing their next console as of late. They officially revealed Xbox Series X at The Game Awards (2019) event. Microsoft then revealed some tech specs of Xbox Series X. Then, out of nowhere, […]


New Inside Xbox episode gives overview of Xbox Series X

Microsoft revealed Xbox Series X at The Game Awards. Then, Microsoft has been dripping new information about Xbox Series X consistently, and openly as if they’re proud to show off the power of Xbox Series X. They even dropped a […]


Xbox Series X Revealed and Detailed

Recently, Microsoft revealed some information on Xbox Series X. Now, a month later, more information is unearthed. This morning, the team at Microsoft, and the team at Digital Foundry co-produced a series of articles, and a series of videos talking […]


Some Xbox Series X specs announced

After the reveal of “Project Scarlett” at E3 2019, Microsoft has been hyping up the Next Generation Xbox console which was revealed at The Game Awards as Xbox Series X. Shortly thereafter, AMD unveiled that Xbox Series X will use […]


What we know about Project Scarlett so far

At E3 2018, Microsoft teased that they were working on the next family of consoles. Since then, we’ve been getting conflicting reports about this “family of Xbox consoles.” As E32018 closed, and the year progressed, we’ve been getting a lot […]


Limited Edition MW3 Xbox 360 Console revealed

Microsoft has been a supporter of Activision’s Call of Duty series. Forging contracts, exclusive map packs, exclusive consoles such as MW2 Xbox 360 console, and this new one: Call of Duty XP 2011 is ongoing right now and a lot […]