Watch the Inside Xbox Livestream here | DestroyRepeat


Watch the Inside Xbox Livestream here

Microsoft has been a little open about revealing their next console as of late. They officially revealed Xbox Series X at The Game Awards (2019) event. Microsoft then revealed some tech specs of Xbox Series X. Then, out of nowhere, Microsoft dropped most, if not all tech specs for Xbox Series X. Many Xbox players were asking “What about the games? Where are the Xbox Series X games?” Well, recently, Microsoft’s Xbox division had an answer with a tweet. They said they’ll reveal Xbox Series X games on May 7, 2020. That’s Tomorrow.

The above video is a teaser for what’s to come during the Inside Xbox livestream. Microsoft also revealed that there will be “Nintendo Direct” style livestreams or videos throughout 2020. These events are what Microsoft has dubbed “Xbox 20/20.” You’ll be able to livestream Xbox 20/20 from the following livestreaming services…

We’ll embed the YouTube livestream here when it’s available.

The livestream begins May 7, 2020 at 11am ET/8am PT/4pm BST.

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