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More Xbox Series X info revealed

I don’t know how, but I missed this piece of news today. Apparently, AMD hosted their own event before CES even started, too. AMD is not just a chips manufacturer for computers, they acquired ATI in 2006 to design graphics chips alongside their existing CPU’s, and other miscellaneous technology chips. They primarily target not just computers, they also target mobile phones, laptops, tablets, server racks, and video game consoles. Between IBM, and AMD, you will see at least one chip by AMD in your computer or mobile device today.

Well, AMD just wrapped up their livestream about 2 hours ago…. Seen below…

At the 10:07 mark, you will see a sizzle reel that includes first looks at Xbox Series X’s backend…

Looks nothing out of the ordinary, right? Except if you paid attention. Obviously, the bottom is the I/O power switch, followed by 2 USB ports, I’m not sure which type of USB, but if you look higher, you’ll notice two USB-C ports, S/PDIF, and an Ethernet port. Nothing more has been revealed, other than that this chip you see below, was a subject of discussion on Twitter, because Phil Spencer was using it as his profile picture…

During the livestream, AMD called the chip “The World’s First 7NM GPU architecture.” You can also notice on the chip, there’s “Project Scarlett” on it. It also says that PlayStation 5 will be powered by AMD’s CPU, and GPU. We’ll possibly know more at Sony’s livestream. Some folks have been hyping it up as the reveal of PlayStation 5, but I doubt it. They usually hold a PlayStation Meeting in February.

EDIT: So, apparently, the sizzle reel above that showed the Xbox Series X’s back for the first time… is fake. Like, they took a render from TurboSquid who provides 3D models, it seems someone at AMD used one of the many renders available of the Xbox Series X on the site. In a response to The Verge, AMD admits “The Xbox Series X imagery used during the AMD CES press conference was not sourced from Microsoft and does not accurately represent the design or features of the upcoming console.”

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