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Sony to hold a press conference at CES 2020

Sony will host a Press Conference at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, better known as CES. The event officially starts on January 7, 2020 and will run through January 10th. CES is a place where technology are usually announced. It was launched in 1967, and was home to some of the biggest announcements in tech. The original Xbox console was announced at CES 2001, for example. That’s what I’ll cover today.

Over the weekend, Sony launched a CES-specific page on their website, touting that “The future is coming.” It’s very vague, and one could venture to guess they’ll unveil the Next Generation PlayStation console. Sony talked about PS5 in April 2019, followed by the official naming of the next console: PlayStation 5.

Today, Sony officially announced more information on this tease, and announced that you can watch their livestream here.

However, I would not expect an announcement at CES regarding the new PlayStation 5. Yes, Microsoft made the first move, by unveiling Xbox Series X in December, but typically, Sony hosts their own PlayStation Meeting in Feburary. It’s how Sony originally announced PlayStation 4.

Sony’s CES 2020 Livestream will begin 5pm (PST, since CES takes place in Las Vegas).

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