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Nioh 2 to be released March 2020

Nioh was released in the midst of a growing niche of hard games (some call this the “Dark Souls” category), and grew in popularity. Nioh 2’s marketing is on the other side of this spectrum of growth, there’s this silent, but growing anticipation for Nioh 2. The sequel to Nioh has been in closed alpha for a while now. It was followed by a TGS 2019 trailer, and so now Nioh 2 has a new release date, and a new Open Beta happening as we speak.

Nioh 2 is to be released exclusively on PlayStation 4 on March 31, 2020. November’s free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers are the original Nioh, and Outlast. Finally, Nioh 2’s Open Beta begins today (November 1st), through November 10th.

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