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Nioh 2 to be released March 2020

Nioh was released in the midst of a growing niche of hard games (some call this the “Dark Souls” category), and grew in popularity. Nioh 2’s marketing is on the other side of this spectrum of growth, there’s this silent, […]


New Nioh 2 Trailer released at TGS 2019

Not a whole lot of people know about Nioh, or even the upcoming Nioh 2. The first game was released in the middle of the Demon’s Souls craze, which was followed up with the Dark Souls games. In the midst […]


New NiOh 2 trailer provides a glimpse of gameplay

On May 22nd, the European arm of Sony Interactive Entertainment announced a closed beta for Nioh 2. Originally, Nioh 2 was announced at E32018, followed by an assurance by Fumihiko Yasuda that there’d be announcement in 2019. Team Ninja took […]