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New Nioh 2 Trailer released at TGS 2019

Not a whole lot of people know about Nioh, or even the upcoming Nioh 2. The first game was released in the middle of the Demon’s Souls craze, which was followed up with the Dark Souls games. In the midst of all of it, is a rise of games that is hard, and I don’t mean hard as in “Hard Mode,” I mean hard as in, you start the normal single player campaign with challenging enemies. Nioh’s marketing relies on this love for challenging gameplay. In fact, the reason why you don’t hear about Nioh 2 all too often or is being talked about is because they want to take their sweet time in developing the game. They even had a closed beta for the game, but not for the usual marketing reason, they wanted to see how people react to the new Nioh title. They want the marketing to be a slow burn in getting the feedback, getting the messaging out, and getting people hyped up in small doses. Well, this week, Tokyo Game Show 2019 took place between September 12th through 15th, so it should be fairly fresh until Sunday (September 15th). A new trailer was released during TGS 2019…

Nioh 2 will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 in 2020. No firm release date has been stated, but it will arrive Early 2020. Stay tuned as we know more about Nioh 2’s release date.

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