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New information about Modern Warfare revealed

Activision and Infinity Ward put out a teaser for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and fans have been trying to dissect small details apart on the new landing zone teaser. In that teaser, you’re shown a countdown where you’re in a helicopter waiting to land to the location, fans can make out the weapon which is said to be a M4A1, and the smaller details such as interactive environments, or how the LZ Loading sequence shows the side you’re on (Coalition), the location, date, time, etc. A few days ago, a user on Reddit, someone called the watch “fake,” and Infinity Ward responded…

Screencaps are everywhere on the internet, just in case the OP deletes it, or the Call of Duty subreddit mods deletes it or debunks it. That didn’t happen, though, because as I said, Infinity Ward responded to the claim…

Furthermore, the Call of Duty subreddit bot compiled all information about what IW said in a pinned comment. Shortly thereafter, it was pointed out that this feature has been in previous games that the IW devs developed:

Fun fact. Metal of Honor “Allied Assault” developed by 2015 pre Infinity Ward, had a clock shader that did the same thing in 2002. A feature from 17 years ago. An Infinity Ward artist named Jeff Heath used to complain all the time in the art pit that we didn’t have it when developing COD and hey….now we do. Turns out it wasn’t that hard to pull off. It adds some complexity to the game and didn’t hurt development. Win win my friends.

That’s not all, it’s Monday. The official Call of Duty account tweeted out new intel: Killstreaks are back. It shows 4 images, 3 are notable.

As you can see, Juggernaut is back – but we’ve already seen this in June, when they first talked about Multiplayer. The next two images are “Infantry Assault Vehicle,” and “White Phosphorus.” That IAV is a manned tank with a 50. cal on top of the tank, and that White Phosphorus is an aircraft that can drop a few smoke canister on anyone who’s in the area and disorient anyone on the radius of that canister – it can also burn them, too.