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Modern Warfare’s MP Universe teased

After Activision & Infinity Ward showed off Call of Duty: Modern Warfare alongside popular Twitch streamers. Fans gave both companies feedback and it was universally not a good reception. Fans wanted raw, no-commentary Modern Warfare gameplay, fans got what they wanted in a new video released by Infinity Ward. But in the midst of the flurry of information given by streamers, influencers, journalists, Activision and Infinity Ward staff, there were a lot of references to a “MP Universe.” No one understands what this entails, but there were rumors that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is this live, breathing Open World, open-ended Multiplayer experience. All that speculation, all of the rumors were put to rest with a single teaser that the Call of Duty Twitter account just put out today…

As you can see from the teaser, your multiplayer game starts with a helicopter that’s getting ready to arrive at the landing zone. It shows the typical multiplayer countdown from a typical multiplayer mode. While the timer goes down, you are being landed, and the animation allows you to freely jump off and ready your weapon.

Another thing to note is that this isn’t your typical multiplayer mode, but it’s also your typical single player mode! On the lower left corner, it shows the location, it shows the storyline’s title, it shows the time, the date, the division you’re in, and man. It’s telling us more than we can possibly imagine.