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Following leaks, CODGhosts’ Extinction is all, but confirmed!

Activision, and Infinity Ward has been cryptic with their message delivery lately. It started as a leak from Achievements/Trophies database update. Shortly thereafter, more leaks ensued. Then, out of nowhere, Infinity Ward teased the Instagram fans with “Who are the ghosts?” The message was not only cryptic, it was also vague, with a video to boot…

Everyone thought and assumed it’d be about an aliens mode. Nope. It was about a reveal of two CODGhosts squad members. Recently, more leaks ensued. This time, it’s a full blown leak. Some people have gotten their hands on Call of Duty Ghosts ahead of the worldwide launch. So, a user by the name of SMTKZ uploaded a bunch of images to the internet to reveal the Extinction Mode.

Ladies and gentlemen: Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction!

Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction
The first contact of aliens.
CODGhosts Extinction Hive
The first contact of hives.

Shortly thereafter, Infinity Ward teased yet another video about Call of Duty Ghosts…