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PlayStation 4 storms E32013 with great price at $399

On February 20th, at the PlayStation Meeting, Sony unveiled PlayStation 4 only in name and specs. They also unveiled a host of new games. Last night, at their own E32013 Press Conference, Sony unveiled both the design of PS4, and the price of the console. No date has been given, but it’s got a release window of the “Holiday Season.”

Sony says there are 140 games being collectively developed, with 30 exclusive titles being developed, and 20 of those titles will be released at launch. 12 of those games are original, fresh IP’s. (intellectual properties) Sony unveiled some of those games at E32013…

First up, Tekken Revolution is a free-to-play game that’s “exclusive” to PlayStation 3. I’m using quotations because the director of the Tekken series did in fact ask Microsoft to allow free-to-play Tekken on their Xbox platform(s). Obviously, Microsoft was not obliging. Tekken Revolution should be out by the time you read this…

Gran Turismo 6 was revealed a few months ago, and Sony unveiled a new trailer at E32013. The game will be available for PS3 with lots of DLC planned post-release…

After many years, many fan requests, after much anticipation, Square Enix revealed that Kingdom Hearts 3 is in fact real, and it’s coming to PS3. It’s also coming to PS4, and Xbox One. No word about story, gameplay, graphics, or characters other than a teaser trailer…

Now, for one of my favorite trailers at E32013, is a project that started as Final Fantasy versus XIII, turned into “Final Fantasy XV.” I cannot find the trailer with english subtitles, but this is the trailer that shows off epic scale unlike we’ve not seen in a video game thus far. God of War 3 had similar scale, but the detail is astonishing that Square Enix is banking on, obviously. See for yourself…

Started as a PlayStation 3 title, is being transferred into a PlayStation 4 title.

Another trailer I’m excited about is one from Watch_Dogs, which was revealed recently. At E32013, the developers revealed a trailer during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference, since the game is a multiplatform title.

Then at Sony’s E3 confrence, Sony showed off some gameplay of Watch_Dogs for PS4….

E32013 hosted a reveal trailer of Batman Origins, which is also a multiplatform title. No word on next gen, at this point, but enjoy the new trailer…

The highly anticipated PC title PlanetSide 2 is coming to PlayStation 4..

And finally, a game I’m excited about. I have two projects in development soley to this game. I believe that it will be another breakout title from both Bungie and Activision. Bungie is known for the Halo series of games for Xbox-branded consoles. Activision is best known for the Call of Duty games.

The game was shown during Sony’s E3 conference, and I like what I’m seeing. The game doesn’t really use a lobby system like a lot of [first person] shooters do; well it does, but not in the way you are used to. Once you start as co-op, and you get to a climax point in the campaign, the game throws you into a “public game.” In other words, you don’t have to jump from one menu to the other just to be able to jump from co-op, to multiplayer. It’s that seamless.

Destiny is also a multiplatform title that will also launch on all next generation consoles. It’s going to be released in 2014 according to Activision.

PlayStation 4 will be out this coming holiday season, and will cost $399 with the following pack-in:

The PS4 Console
The PS4 Controller
The PS4 Headset (Mono)
Standard AC power cord
A HDMI Cable
A USB Cable

On the system itself, there are two front USB ports, an Optical [Digital] Out port, HDMI out port, LAN port, and an AUX port. If you’d like to see some of the PS4 specs, here it is.

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  • July 3, 2013
These are really good list of games but I hope that same of them can play in PC so that I can install one and I'm pretty sure I will enjoy playing one of those games.