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Call of Duty Ghosts Single Player revealed

After much anticipation for more Call of Duty Ghosts information. Activision held their own pre-E32013 Press Conference called Call of Duty Ghosts All Access. At the All Access event held just moments ago, Activision and Infinity Ward unveiled a short portion of Call of Duty Ghosts single player gameplay…

In the first part of the All Access presentatkon, you start out underwater. In the “Into the Deep” mission the game takes you down under the Caribbean Seas. You will follow an enemy as they prepare for an underwater sneaking mission of sorts. Along the way, you’ll notice small details such as fish moving in real time, and they will move away when you’re close to them. Once you get to a climax point of the underwater campaign, you’ll control some kind of futuristic, portable, remote-controlled torpedo. Activision says the mission is an entire level that you will be playing a lot in. Meaning, it’s not as short as it was in Modern Warfare 3, where you only had to destroy a submarine and get out of the water and into the New York boat chase. In Call of Duty Ghosts, it’s more than that. In fact, you will be escaping from an “accident” that you’ve created earlier with the remote controlled torpedo. The enemy base comes crashing down and you’ve got to move fast!

Ever since Call of Duty Ghosts was revealed, the Call of Duty Dog has been the most talked-about squad member of Call of Duty Ghosts. Today, not only did we learn that Call of Duty Dog is playable, Activision and Infinity Ward unveiled the name of the dog: Riley! We have no idea if this is a killstreak in CODGhosts, but we do know that the dog’s in Single Player. In the “No Man’s Land” demo, which takes place 10 miles north of San Diego, it shows a camera, over Riley’s head. You are sneaking past the enemies and the dog will be helping you eliminate enemies without being noticed. You will walk through an abandoned house that’s destroyed, and is about to become a shaky situation moments later. As you head out, you’re treated to a nice shaky animation, where a abandoned house is being torn down by falling. Once you get to the same house, you will regain control of Riley once again. Riley sneaks, then runs at enemy, and you’re able to move. From here, Riley helps you scout enemies and your squad takes them out. You come to a new door, and your team mate breaks the door for Riley to jump in and bite enemies, they come out, and you’re able to shoot ’em all. Demo ends here.

There’s another footage shown, but they’re extended videos of footage of what we’ve seen thus far. Its possible these footages will be shown during E32013. It shows some of the locations that we’re going to mission in.

If you’d like to know a little bit about Call of Duty’s story, IGN did a sneak-peak preview of Call of Duty Ghosts last night.

Call of Duty Ghosts will arrive to all current, and next generation consoles: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, and Wii U. It will arrive worldwide on November 5th 2013. We’ll have more information about Call of Duty Ghosts as we get them.