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Call of Duty: Ghosts revealed

For the last 6 months, Activision has been teasing small little tidbits about the next Call of Duty title, we were all expecting it to be MW4. Activision peeled off the curtains to reveal that Call of Duty Ghosts is the final name of the next Call of Duty title. [CODNet article] They said the game will be revealed at Microsoft’s headquarters, during their Xbox Reveal. Well, it did actually happen just a few minutes ago. Enjoy behind the scenes with Infinity Ward…

Stephen Gaghan, the award winning writer of films such as “Traffic,” and “Syriana” will be writing the story. Stephen also directed “Syriana.” Call of Duty Ghosts will be a completely new story. Infinity Ward was quick to reiterate that Call of Duty: Ghosts is not a reboot. It won’t be a big spectacle, or large scale like Modern Warfare 3.

Info we know so far:

– It’s been 10 years. They don’t remember anything, they are pondering about memories.
– Ghosts is a faction (as you can see from the patches on their arms), but according to many news sources such as this one, the game is about two brothers who wants to join this “Ghosts” group.
– Call of Duty: Ghosts is not connected to Modern Warfare 3.
– The game seems to take place in present day scenario.
– Ghosts will run on a new engine.
– There will be new animations in Call of Duty Ghosts.
– CODGhosts will be locked at 60 frames per second, meaning ultra-silk movements. The trailer above does NOT do the game justice.
– You’ll be underwater in some missions – and boy it looks beautiful.
– Dogs will be a major part of Call of Duty Ghosts, if comments by IW employees is anything to go by. They’ll sniff out explosives, be your guide through unforeseen circumstances, basically acting as your AI buddy. It’ll attack enemies for you, too.
– DLC will be timed exclusive to Xbox platform(s) once again.
– It’ll be on PC, Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Call of Duty Multiplayer will be reinvented.
– Major new innovation: Dynamic Maps. Ghosts’ maps will be interactive; they’ll have earthquakes, floods (like Black Ops 2’s Uprising pack), logs & objects falling off and crushing players.
– IW has not revealed whether it’s triggered by players, or they go off on it’s own.

“Looking at the interactivity of environmental maps, you start to think ‘what if we could do something different here in this level, that’s appropriate for this level but not for maybe any over MP map? This map is very different. This is something we can do here that isn’t appropriate for any other MP map.’ It spitballed the idea of coming up with some very specific scenes,” says Volker.

“One of the levels has an earthquake that’s constantly going on and off through the level that starts to effect things in different ways. But that’s only that one MP map. So it was really an idea of how can we push things further and this was a really creative way of exploring that.”

– Character customization will be further expanded. It was in Black Ops, but IW is not restricting you to loadout selection. Full-on control.
– Heads, face paint, uniforms, scuba gear are few customizations that you’ll be able to make in Call of Duty Ghosts. It makes sense that their teaser video showed the varying types of masks. [CODNet article] They’re playing on the whole customization of CODGhosts.

To learn more about other multiplayer info that we know thus far, click here.

Possible additions in Call of Duty Ghosts:
– Underwater battles in Multiplayer.
– SmartGlass integration. [Source]

There will be more info about Call of Duty Ghosts come E32013. However, Call of Duty Ghosts will be available for current, and next generation consoles on November 5th, 2013.