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The steam continues to pick up for MW4.

A few days ago, a twitter poster got ahold of an image for this “unexpectedreveal” campaign. Then a few websites got ahold of it. But there were no concrete evidence to support it. Now, UnexpectedReveal counted down to zero, which is today. There seems to be some evidence to support the twitter image via a fan-made video.

I think we’ve got the first confirmation that the next Call of Duty title is indeed Modern Warfare 4.

1. ZeroTwoFourOne is the account name for this particular Youtube Channel. If you haven’t been paying attention to that name alone.. Let me spell it out for you: That’s a similar username to Robert Bowling’s username across social networks – FourZeroTwo. Just add a 1 and you’ll understand where they’re going with the channel.

2. The fan-made video was made by the same guy directing and the same production team that did “Operation Kingfish” as a lead-up to Modern Warfare 3’s actual reveal. To see the video, here ya go:

3. This YouTube channel calls itself “The MW4 insider.”

4. As you can see, from this fan-made video, the logo that has been used in many fan-made MW4 posters is done in Activision, and co. style.

5. They’re using Ghost as reference throughout the later half of the video. This directly confirms that the story is about Ghost. Yes, that ghost.

6. The musical score and the actual scripting seems to take a page out of “The Dark Knight Rises.” To boot, they directly confirm that the whole theme of the story is about the “rise” of a legend.

A lot of websites are saying to take this with a grain of salt. Like this one. But some sites are calling it “Call of Duty 4” and not Modern Warfare 4. We already have Call of Duty 4. It’s Modern Warfare 4, people!