Modern Warfare 4 is coming

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 Leaked
Supposedly Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 Leaked Image

We’ve come a long way since Modern Warfare 3 was released. It’s been 2 and a half years since we’ve heard the first whispers of Modern Warfare 3 hitting the shelves. Black Ops 2 was released in November, roughly 5 months. Not only that, Black Ops II took to the bank 1 billion dollars in 15 days. Activision has gotten better at selling copies of Call of Duty on a yearly basis.

I mean, it took 17 days for the box office seller Avatar to reach 1 billion dollars. It took Modern Warfare 3 a day less to reach 1 billion. Activision plans to break this record again in the future. If they plan to do that, I think they’ll come back with a well known name. That name is Modern Warfare. But that’s not the only reason why I think Call of Duty: MW4 is the final name of the next Call of Duty title. There’s a lot of reasons…

The name has been thrown around for a while now.
Modern Warfare 3 was months away from release, Sledgehammer Games was excited to show interest in working on MW4. [Source] When the name has been thrown around for a while, it usually is the smartest marketing move to bank on it.

Sledgehammer Games says so.
Sledgehammer Games made a listing for a job. The listing said it’s for the next title in the Call of Duty franchise. [Source] Going by Sledgehammer Games’ interest in making the next Modern Warfare title, I’m inclined to think that the next Call of Duty title is a Modern Warfare title.

Neversoft says so.
There was a massive leak by a Neversoft insider stating that MW4 is in development. [Source] There’s a quote that directly confirms that MW4 is indeed in development.

We expect it.
Still reading, and still second guessing? Well, there are a lot of rumors swirling that the next title is MW4. [Source]

Activision announced that it’s working on the next Call of Duty title.
During an investor call, the C.E.O. of the publishing arm of the Activision Blizzard, Inc. company said that a new Call of Duty title is coming in 2013. [Source]

Little details can lead as confirmation.
There was a scam going around on the internet, supposedly giving you a chance to get a Modern Warfare 4 beta before the game is released. [Source] It was shut down by the owner of the domain. [Source] This scam may not be much, but lends into my earlier point. If the name has been thrown around long enough, it’s a smart marketing move to use that name.

The steam is picking up
A lot of sites are speculating about Modern Warfare 4 for months. Like this one in January, from Offical PlayStation Magazine. And will continue until the reveal.

Unexpected Reveal? More like expected reveal, Activision!
An alleged Infinity Ward employee registered, and launched a website, called ““” The site teases that the next Call of Duty reveal is in a matter of weeks. [Source] With Battlefield 4 being revealed on March 26th, this is quite the coincidence. [Source]

The teaser site infers that the next Call of Duty title is a Modern Warfare title. In fact, the screenshot was of Modern Warfare trademark: A blurry screen with “Objective Updated.” Most of the fonts used in these screenshots were in Modern Warfare style.

MP1st brings up an excellent point: There was a similar lead-up with Modern Warfare 3. So, why was Activision so quick to deny it to websites? We’re expecting it, Activision. No sense in hiding!

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  1. mw4 will be the first cod to not follow the trend of shattering sales record, i specualate it will sell well, but not as well as black ops 2 which in my opinion was the high point. people are sick of cod me as well and most will get bf4 and leave cod behind this time, once and for all (i buy cod annually and this will be the first cod i am going to pass on) at least for the first 14 days.

    1. Not a lot of people are fans of Black Ops, and not a lot of people like Black Ops 2 due to the buggy problems that plagued the game at launch. There’s just many factors that’s causing this drop of sales.

  2. “Activision has gotten better at selling copies of Call of Duty on a yearly basis. ”

    Actually Actvision is starting to see some slow down on the COD franchise. I don’t think BOII has reached MWIII sales (comparing same time period). I know for a fact that COD BOII Season Passes have not sold well at all.

    The series needs a year rest IMHO, let people miss it.

    1. It’s possible that the drop is due to the title. I’m sure there are many players who are waiting on Modern Warfare 4, or whatever is it that they’re calling it. This drop was evident with the original Black Ops, too.

      But if the series is slowly dying off in general, if that’s true, then Activision has to do something really big, to turn that drop into an increase.

  3. At the same time,
    Announcing a new call of duty game is like saying next summer the sun will shine, and next winter, there will be rain and snow. It will happen, for sure.
    Its incredible, with the billions they make, they can’t hire 40 or 50 guys, during 6 months, even if it costs 10 millions, and make a new game and graphic engine. They have been miking people over and over, and its not going to stop tomorrow.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t make a new engine for the ps4 and keep using the old one, only with a few changes. Incredible.

    For all the cod games they did, they must have an app that adds boxes, tires, etc, adds buildings, roads, cars, they must need to fine tune it. The net code is the same, enemies always look the same, barely only the story/script change. They could release a new cod game every 3 months, if they wanted. They must have 10 full written stories for the next 10 cod games. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started releasing 2 games per year, instead of one. There are enough buyers for it. And in 2020, will be getting MW12, for sure.

    1. Was this article your opinion or insider knowledge? If its the latter I’m interested, if its the former then shame on you because that means what you really meant with this post is “thats what i said 4 months ago” which makes you an ungracious blogger… shame on you….

      1. I have no insider knowledge. I’m a writer that gains a lot of insights from what I read, played, or seen. In the case of MW3’s “end all, be all” closure, there are still some holes left over from either MW2 or MW3. Hell, look at the 68 comments that were left on that article alone. Lots of ideas, lots of interpretations.

        Oh, and this article wasn’t written “4 months ago.” Try two years ago.

  4. The “series ended” when I got bored of aim assist and hearing “uav is online” every 5 seconds… …that was years ago when Modern Warfare 2 went crazy with all the silly killstreaks…. COD is too easy for an experienced gamer. I’ll stick to socom and counterstrike, and maybe some battlefield although BF also needs to get rid of the silly aim assist bs. What ever happened to REAL GAMERS’ SHOOTERS like UNREAL TOURNAMENT and QUAKE. You know what’s funny? Back in the day, having a “radar” or a UAV was actually a CHEAT in those games. Now it’s a “feature” or a “perk” or some type of reward in these little boy shooters… these games arent war games anymore, they’re arcadey rock paper scissors games where EVERYONE has an advantage based on which particular perk they have equiped… it’s just a mess of a game. Cmon developers, bring back the SKILL in shooters and you might actually be able to DIFFERENTIATE yourself from COD, and TOPPLE it…. HMM, what a concept. Here’s another tip… why hasn’t anyone tried to copy SOCOM or COUNTERSTRIKE??? We see all these COD copycat games with their silly killstreaks and GENERIC game-modes…. but why don’t we see a socom copycat game or a CS copycat game? COUNTERSTRIKE was THE most popular tactical shooter on the PC for years… it STILL IS huge…. and SOCOM was the most popular online shooter for years also.. it was BIGGER THAN HALO in the PS2 days…….. And yet nobody tries to mimic these games’ UNIQUE playstyles….. a focus on TEAMWORK, only ONE life per round, NO respawn. Those SIMPLE but SMART features made these shooters into serious shooters, tactical games where you work together because you only have one life and you play VERY differently when you only have once chance per round. Here’s hoping some developer gets a friggen clue… money in the bank..,……………….

    1. The purpose of a game is to make money. To maximise on this this you cannot just appeal to a hardcore nich that play for hours and hours so they in fact did a sterling job.

      1. Read my comment again. CS was THE most POPULAR online game on PC… I think it still might be…….. Socom was the MOST POPULAR online game on PS2. It had MORE people online than Halo did on xbox. These 2 games can only be seen as “niche” games because no company has the BRAINS to even TRY to MAKE any games like this, and the last socom games have not been as amazing as the old ones were. If they made these games like they used to, and with MORE clan features / amazing team modes the old games had… they would be HUGE again. And guess what, did Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto, or Assassin’s Creed have a “huge mainstream following” BEFORE they came out??? NO, but when you CREATE something UNIQUE or CREATIVE that is INTERESTING and GOOD….. THE FANS and the MONEY WILL COME. Not yelling lol, just emphasizing. There are more ways to make money than to make the SAME thing over and over again. It’s called CREATING a new market that wasn’t even there before. It’s not impossible, it just takes developers + publishers that know something about creativity and thinking ahead instead of just about simple cheap “marketing” and “markets” and playing it “safe” by making the game they know will sell the easiest… Go big or go home as they say. There are many ways to say it… heck even Einstein’s quote fits here if you think about it.. “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. – Albert Einstein. Applying that to games… making a game out of imagination/creativity is more important than making a game based on your knowledge of the market.

        1. Firstly, calm down. You’re going to excite yourself into an early grave. Is that really true about socom on ps2? There wasn’t huge numbers of online players back then but if you say so. I think you inadvertently hit upon a valid point. Console gamers and pc gamers are different beasts. Console gamers are more casual in general. Auto aim makes up for the lack of precision of the user and the shortcomings a controller has vs a mouse/keyboard setup. I think you’re mistaken to say they haven’t tried to cater for old school gamers. Hardcore mode? Innovation is obviously an important part of the game production process but when you have a game that makes the kind of money the cod franchise does you’d be an idiot to mess with it. That was the point I was making. The game you want doesn’t belong in a cod box. Oh yeah, and avoid quotes, they make you sound sanctimonious. Peace. X

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