5th MW3 DLC goes to Xbox Live

Last month was a crazy month for both developers of MW3, and MW3 fans alike. In April, non-Call of Duty Elite subscribers on PlayStation 3 were treated to the release of MW3 Content Collection 1 on PlayStation Store. Shortly thereafter, one of the developers behind Modern Warfare 3 released a duo of maps called Sanctuary and Foundation. This month, developers of MW3 released a lot of information about the next DLC to release on Xbox Live first. On May 15th, those who have a Call of Duty Elite subscription will be able to download Content Collection 2. Shortly thereafter, it will be released on the full scale Xbox Live service on May 22nd. It will release shortly afterwards on other platforms.

There will be a new mode, and it’s called “Face Off.” This mode is comprised of small-team games. With the announcement, the developers announced that there’ll be 2 free maps that is going to be released to everybody. Not just you, not just him, not just I, EVERYONE. It does not require a Call of Duty Elite subscription to get these free maps. It’s free. That means, you do not have to pay at all! The two free maps are called Aground and Erosion, they both release on May 15th.

So, let’s recap: Content Collection 2 will include:

3 Multiplayer maps: Sanctuary, Foundation, and Oasis
2 Spec Ops missions: Killswitch, and Iron Clad
2 Face Off maps: Lookout, and Getaway

Infinity Ward, and Sledgehammer Games talk about the features, the maps themselves, and the release dates in this exclusive trailer released to IGN.com.

What about us PC owners?
As usual, you guys are going to have to wait. Although there is some good news for you PC owners. You see, the first Content Collection was released to Steam and it will cost you $14.99. [source] So, at roughly 15 dollars, you get the following six maps:

That’s not all… You guys got an update to your playlist. You guys will now be treated to a community playlist that features Infected, and FFA Gunplay. A few months ago, IW added 11 to 15 prestiges to the PC version of MW3. The new update also brings along 16 to 20 prestiges for you PC players. [source]

And, what about us PS3 owners?
As usual, you’re going to have to wait. However, not everything is bad news for you guys, it’s possible that you and other Xbox 360 owners will be getting new prestige levels that take you beyond 15th prestige.

That’s not all, Sanctuary, and Foundation both are going to release on May 10th for those of you with a Call of Duty Elite subscription. [source]

If you’d like to know how I felt about all of the maps that have been released thus far, here they are: First Drops Piazza and Liberation, and Second Drops Overwatch, Black Box, Black Ice, and Negotiator.

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