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“The vet and the n00b” gets hilarious

“The vet and the n00b” is a series of Live-Action videos that documents why it’s a better idea to be positioned as a vet. The first video has been aired on television since the Modern Warfare 3 launch on November 8th this year. However, Activision had nip the hilarious parts of the series from the airwaves. Instead, they posted it online for you to enjoy!

Introducing the trash talk segment of “the vet and the n00b” where the n00b tries to school the vet. And wins a silence. *Crickets*

In the next one, the vet and the n00b tries to battle against the legion of Call of Duty players until…..

….Awe. Man! Couldn’t Activision solve the host problem in there!? Gah! Frustrating!

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  • January 12, 2012
they picked good actors to play this trailer.that is exactly how some people act on mw3.