MW3 Multiplayer Revealed!

Call of Duty MW3 Wallpaper
Call of Duty MW3 Wallpaper

People have been asking for it for months. When Activision released the Spec Ops trailer, people still begged for Multiplayer. People were pessimistic since Call of Duty’s rival, Battlefield 3 has already revealed parts of multiplayer, and then there has been lots, and I mean lots of leaks surrounding the Multiplayer Beta. So then, at GamesCom, nothing could stop Battlefield 3 from being extremely popular. This rivalry has been going on since Spring of this year.

Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, and Activision has been keeping the multiplayer aspect of Modern Warfare 3 secret for quite some time. And it’s quite obvious why.

Without further Ado…

The World Premiere of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is here!

So far, this is what we know about MW3 Multiplayer:

M4 is a primary weapon
M320 GLM is a secondary weapon
flash grenade returns
frag grenade returns
Clan System evident; you can be a clan leader
KillStreak Rewards has classes
UAV returns (3 kills)
AH-6 Overwatch (9 kills)
As we’ve learned in the Spec Ops trailer, Juggernaut is a killstreak at 15 kills
It shows that you can use a cellphone – we don’t really know what for, tho
[Thanks to comments, I can confirm it’s UAV, I thought it was entirely something else]
Throwing Knife returns
You can now pick up Dog Tags – we don’t really know how yet
A modern version of bouncing betty is in
Specific equipment are Elite exclusive, such as optimal goggles
EMP Grenade is in
Extreme Conditioning returns
Assassin is in
SitRep returns
You can lay traps now with AirDrop Trap (7 kills)
Remote Turret is in (9 kills)
EMP is now a killstreak (11 kills)
Different costumes it looks like
Capture the Flag returns
A modified ACR known as ACR 6.8 is in
XM25 is a secondary weapon
Claymore returns
Ballistic Vests are in (It’s not a perk, it’s a killstreak at 5 kills)
Recon Drone is in (10 kills)
Stealth Bomber is in (14 kills)
Chickens seem to have a place in MW3 (Possible interactive environments?)
Blast Shield is in
Dead Silence is in
Team Deathmatch returns
Ground War returns
Your proficency can be focus, or attachments, or something else
Dragunov is now a secondary weapon (correction: It’s an overkill slot)
I’m not sure what Trophy System is, but it’s in
Upgradeable perks return; they’re once again known as ‘Pro’
Blind Eye Pro is in
Overkill Pro is in (meaning Overkill returns, you can carry two secondaries)
SitRep Pro returns
Upgradeable killstreaks are in; they’re known as ‘Pro’ just like Perks
Scavenger Pro(2 kills)
Steady Aim Pro (4 kills)
Marksman Pro (6 kills) Not sure what Marksman is, we’ll know more soon
I have a feeling this marksman killstreak has a lot to do with that mysterious sniper that keeps poppin’ in the video
Heartbeat Sensor returns

There’s a lot of firefights in the background, so this actually supports the notion that the maximum amount of players is 32.

Raven Software is nowhere to be seen in credits as the video closes. What the hell?

Stay tuned for more, because CODXP is literally hours away!

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