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MW3 Tango Down trailer released

At Call of Duty XP last week, Modern Warfare 3’s anticipated multiplayer reveal was met with a lot of fans trying to get information, leaks, and trailers out. It was hard to keep up and keep track of the news. […]


MW3 Multiplayer Revealed!

People have been asking for it for months. When Activision released the Spec Ops trailer, people still begged for Multiplayer. People were pessimistic since Call of Duty’s rival, Battlefield 3 has already revealed parts of multiplayer, and then there has […]


Multiplayer Modes for MW3 leaked ahead of CODXP

Normally I don’t post “leaked” news, but I’m going to make this the exception. A lot of leaks are usually wrong. In the next few days, and over the next week, we’re going to see a lot of leaks, and […]


Spec Ops Trailer released!

It’s been over a month since Robert Bowling teased about a Spec Ops trailer they were working on. A lot of people, including members of the games media has been asking, and asking Robert Bowling when the trailer would be […]