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Is BeachHead involved with Call of Duty Elite?

I have obtained more information about MW3 today. Two important information to know about. I’ll start with this Call of Duty Elite information that was leaked during yesterday’s big MW3 boxart reveal. [MW3Blog article]

Lets start with backstory, shall we? Treyarch has been wine-tasting the market through Call of Duty: Black Ops in two ways. Treyarch introduced Call of Duty points, these points can be earned through various things such as killing an opponent, achieving challenges, destroying killstreak rewards, getting a specific killstreak, and more. These COD points can be bartered for weapons, killstreak unlocks, equipment, and whatnot. Treyarch also introduced a game mode called “Wager Match.” These Wager Matches allowed you to sign a contract and put YOUR COD points on the line. The very same COD points that you use to buy your weapons, killstreaks, and items.

A company called Zynga is one of the world’s largest social games company. Many of their games including the ever popular facebook games such as FarmVille and Mafia Wars have been giving its users the option to buy points such as Mafia Wars’ “Favor Points” and FarmVille’s “FV cash” to name a few. These points can be purchased through the games’ interface, there are game cards that has points redeemable through any one of the games. These points can buy you an expansion of your farm land, a rare farm plot such as rare flowers, rare fruits, and rare items to name a few.

With me so far? Good.

For quite some time, there has been rumors about digital distribution service. Well, building on previous speculation that I reported before, Beachhead Studios is readying a content delivery platform that will allow you to buy weapons, items, other equipment, and DLC-style content such as new maps. Not only that, the service will allow you to do poker-style waging matches, cash-in-the-pot tournaments that you find in poker tournaments, and community events. [source] Is this service Call of Duty Elite that has been leaked before?

Stay tuned for more more information in a week from now. There has been rumors that a reveal is forthcoming on May 23rd. [source] I find that funny because there’s a lawsuit between former Infinity Ward executives and Activision on that same day. If you would like to be current on that situation, here‘s an article I wrote about the lawsuit.