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First MW3 images leaked?

Modern Warfare 3 logo

Above looks like to be the world’s first glimpse of Modern Warfare 3’s logo. Many websites have been swirling with excitement over the new logo because it seems like COD and MW3 is undergoing a complete re-brand. The evidence is not just in the design, but also the typefaces. That’s not all, Kotaku got a boxart to share with the world, at this point the boxart isn’t official, its all speculation, and rumor:

Modern Warfare 3 Box Art

Now, lets examine this “leaked” box art – remember folks everything is rumor and speculation until we get official word from Activision. The face is being shaded quite a lot. He seems to be either Price or Soap. Though the entire get-up seems to resemble Ghost. He’s holding an assault rifle, or a sniper rifle, since the visor scope has a collapsible hinge cover. I don’t know about you but the box art seems to indicate that we’re going back into the snow. There’s this foreshadow that shows what looks like rain, but is in fact snow flowing through the front of his legs.

And finally, what in the hell is this? Call of Duty Elite?

Call of Duty Elite logo

Could this be the digital delivery platform Activision was talking about two nights ago?