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MW3 is Project Colossus?

I am getting more and more confused than I was a year ago. In 2008 it was revealed that Bobby Kotick was interested in the idea of evolving Call of Duty into a Massively Multiplayer Online game. [source] But we all know MMO’s take a long time to create and develop. And we all know MMO’s development isn’t all straight-forward or even simple. So, that is not going to happen for quite some time unless the entire venture of Activision and Blizzard combines their resources to make this game happen.

In 2010, first word of Modern Warfare 3 was circulating many websites. [source] Rumors has been mounting for quite some time, that the game is in fact in development, and slated for release this year. [MW3Blog article] OPM is hinting that the next game is indeed a game laced with “3” on it. [MW3Blog article]

Now, there seems to be some conflicting reports coming in. You see, a wholesales retailer called Tesco seems to have listed a new Call of Duty game in its database, according to a informant within Tesco Corporation. This Call of Duty title is called “Project Colossus.”[source] Now, back up for a second, they’re also listing November 8th as the release date for Project Colossus, this puts MW3 in the same release window as Battlefield 3. [source]

An event that Activision is holding tonight is an earnings and projections meeting. Activision is expecting a conference call tonight in this Quarterly Earnings meeting.