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Devil May Cry returns!

Devil May Cry has been out of the spotlight for quite some time. Mostly because Devil May Cry 4 has gotten a lot of backlash for taking a step backward. The evidence is in the sales numbers for Capcom – DMC4 sold less units than DMC3 [at least in Japan]. Many of the complaints towards DMC4 has more to do with the lack of gameplay variety, what people liked more in DMC3 was the gameplay, than it was for graphics. Lack of combos, lack of stylish gameplay, lack of overall game design – that ranges from level design, to character design, to the setting the game takes place in. Many gamers argue that DMC4 lacked the style that made DMC3 an instant classic.

Capcom recently has been hinting at a brand-new Devil May Cry game when they said they were going for a more “western” touch for the next DMC game. This month, Capcom filed a trademarked for DMC. Eh. What the hell? I liked saying “Devil May Cry,” Capcom! Its not the name that was the problem! Its your approach to DMC4!

You shouldn’t have just treated DMC4 as “oh! Its another sequel!” Did DMC2 teach you anything, Capcom? No? Well, that’s your fault for not learning from the mistakes of DMC2.

Anyhow, Tokyo Game Show is an on-going trade show, and Capcom announced a few games at their conference. One of them was the recently trademarked “DMC.” The trailer is below:

I am NOT liking this “reboot” or change, whatever it is. It looks more like a sequel than it is a reboot, because Dante looks like a twisted, demented, vile psycho, and not this legendary Dante Sparda with a cool, stylish attitude. But I’m open to this setting, and character it was a completely new brand.

I just think Capcom is actually digging themselves a bigger hole after DMC4 mostly because in DMC4 we saw a new main character, and now we’re seeing our beloved Dante as a brand new character.

We don’t know which console the game is going to appear on, we don’t know the story, nor do we know the release window for the game. Hell, we don’t know if this is a spin-off, prequel, sequel, or reboot.