Black Ops Multiplayer Teaser Trailer Released!

Activision has been tight-lipped about the multiplayer aspects of Call of Duty: Black Ops. They’ve been hyping more about the single player aspects of the game recently. Being able to fly a hovering helicopter and throwing missiles and causing chaos on lush environments? SIGN ME UP! Black Ops is everywhere – basketball game, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and all over the internet. So, Josh Olin (@JD_2020) released a teaser trailer for COD: Black Ops’ Multiplayer.

What I get from the trailer is that Treyarch has copied almost everything from MW2. But the trade-up here is that there are some new gameplay mechanics teased in here.

Skewer: I don’t know wether I read it right or not, but I’ll give it a stab: “Stealth killed an enemy with the ballistic knife.” Meaning that you can be stealthy in the game. I am getting the feeling that treyarch is looking for more stealthy players.

Security Cameras: At the start of the trailer, we’re introduced to the radar being replaced by a security camera – as you sneak in, you’re being shown from the direction you came in from. And you can actually pick the camera up and use it as you like.

New CallSigns: Introduced in MW2, treyarch implements their own callsigns – and this time, they’re going the mile by awarding people background “titles.”

Crossbow: I think this thing will replace Semtex Grenades entirely for some people; you can throw a stickable arrow at your enemy, and a bomb will go off.

Remote Controlled Cars: This one will be very frustrating for some people. But you can control small cars to crash into people or explode once detonated.

Remote Controlled Missles? Some people are saying it looks like a predator missile, but upon close inspection, it was horizontal, not vertical.

Recordable Matches: I dunno if its for full-game, or its for Game Winning Kill…. but its something that a lot of people have requested and wanted. It looks like you can rewind, fast forward, and all the recording tools, and even better: First person or Third person. You can grab a screenshot, too!

I’m lovin’ what I see so far, hopefully we know more information about Black Ops when they release the full multiplayer trailer on September 1st!