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Resurgence Pack is worth $15

Its been a while since I’ve talked about anything related to Modern Warfare 2. I posted an article about Resurgence Pack in May. It was not available for PS3 until July 6th. I have gone ahead and purchased the Resurgence Package for the PS3 version of MW2. Is it better than Stimulus Pack? In a word: Yes. This is the map pack you want.

There are 5 maps in all; 3 are brand-new, 2 are old maps. I’m going to break them down and review what makes them charming ….Or not charming.

Trailer Park: I think this map is great. Its mostly a run n’gun map, but this map has too many camping spots that make it easy for campers, and it’s a little harder to counter them in some game modes. Domination for example, one of the flags will be located at the far end of the map, where the truck is. Its lower, so every time you go there, CHECK your corner[s] because campers use this spot to their advantage. Especially when people come through a trailer truck. So, when you’re in the trailer, check windows first. However, it is easy to win bombsite matchtypes.

The only best part[s] of the map is simply the swimming pool, and the fact that you can run n’gun, provided you’re careful when running; a lot of campers use the trailer trucks as “cover” so you pay more attention to running than them.

Carnival: Carnival is the most creative map in any map yet. I think its one of the best ones – and its evident. Robert Bowling said that the map has been in development longer than any of the maps thus far. The team paid a lot of attention to detail in this map. It is also one of the most fun maps to be on, because while there are a lot of camping spots, there is a lot of creative ways to duke it out on the map. I’m sort of disappointed that they didn’t include a room full of mirrors like most carnivals usually have. It would have added an element of gameplay that hasn’t been touched before in an FPS game.

However, it is very creative, you can walk onto some of the amusement rides – but only to a point. This map is best for team-based games. A lot of the firefights take place almost everywhere, except for the small areas of the map. The one thing I wish, tho, is a night-time carnival, and I mean this in the way that the map isn’t an abandoned carnival, rather, a working-order kind of carnival. But I do understand this wouldn’t work because there isn’t Night Vision Goggles – so once you shoot the lights, it will be hard to walk around.

Fuel: Now, let me set the record straight. I thought this was a re-hash of Rust, and I thought it was going to be a boring map. I was wrong; Infinity Ward: THIS is how you do a really good, balanced-out team-based map. THIS is how you #%@&ing do it! I say this, because its one of the best multiplayer team-based maps known to man. There’s a lot of integrated rooms, a lot of creative ways to get from A to B. And likewise, it takes long to get from A to B, which helps prolong some matchtypes.

Yes, there’s some camping, but its not as bad as it is in a lot of the big maps.

The COD4 maps in Resurgence Pack has gotten a lot of overhaul in terms of overall design. In Vacant, the wall that resides next to the shipping containers are now replaced with a cagey wall. The loading deck building has gotten a bunch of new pipes on when in COD4, it used to be a flat wall. And some windows actually have windows that you can break.

Vacant: When I first saw the map on YouTube, I was estatic. I thought Vacant looked so Beautiful. GORGEOUS! I had a lot of fun learning the ropes in Vacant for MW2. Almost everyone can see each other without using the darkness to their advantage. I also noticed that the lightsourcing done in this map – I haven’t seen this in any map for any FPS. Good Job, Infinity Ward. I hope this is just a taste of things to come.

I mean, there are some parts where the light source[s] reflect onto another wall. That is great. Whoever did that needs a raise. Its also in Strike, I’ll get to that in a minute.

As usual, Vacant is a great map – I had a lot of fun on Vacant in MW2. I had to adjust my style a bit, but its all the same. It takes a little bit of adjustment, nothing major. Other than that, Vacant is GORGEOUS. Absolutely gorgeous.

Strike: Strike is the one with the most overhauls. Some areas has been changed – excuse me, not some. A lot of areas have been changed. What used to be an empty kitchen changed into a very detailed-looking kitchen, and there’s a back door for it. What used to be an empty restaurant is now a detailed looking restaurant. What used to be an empty bunch of buildings have been added a few stuff here and there. Some areas have been painted in various different colors. But I think in this map you’d need a lot of adjustments – I’ve had some problems with my playstyle because of the enormous amount of changes. What used to be a sniper HQ is now a camping haven. In COD4, you can just waltz in and shoot upstairs, but in MW2, when you went into the room, you’re dead on sight.

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